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Adult Care Bear Costumes

Adult Care Bear Costumes
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There are many wonderful characters that come from Care a lot. There is a Care Bear costume for everyone from loner to socialite. You can zip into a Care Bear onesie and you will be delighted to take on your bear’s characteristics.

This list of Care Bear Costumes will help you choose from fuzzy tunics and jumpsuits for the Adult Care Bear costume of your choice!

Care Bears Adult Classic Funshine Bear Costume

Care Bears Adult Classic Funshine Bear Costume

secret of the sunbeam

Most cultures have a mythology about the sun. It’s totally understandable. Here’s this giant, glowing ball of fire in the sky that provides bright sunshine, warmth, chases away the shadows, and even provides some pretty awesome Vitamin D to help keep us all just a little bit chipper in those gloomy times. (Well, except for vampires and the few of us who are allergic to sunlight, anyway.) Still, one has to wonder exactly where that beloved sunshine comes from.

No… we’re not talking about the science behind it. Sure, that’s cool and all. Nuclear fusion due to the heat of the sun’s core… hydrogen turning to helium… propagation of photons, etc. Yeah, awesome stuff! But, we’re talking about the source of the bright beam of sunlight that you find in the Care Bear Stare. We’re all about Funshine Bear! Nobody is going to convince us that it is a bunch of nuclear activity going on in Funshine’s belly that makes all that light appear. The Care Bears Funshine costume is available in sizes up to XL. Available at Halloween Costumes and Amazon for $49.99.

Care Bears Classic Adult Grumpy Bear Costume

Care Bears Classic Adult Grumpy Bear Costume

rocking a range

Grumpy Bear has a bad rep. People sometimes think that he’s a downer. They’re totally off track. And yes, sometimes he won’t see a situation in the same sunny light that the rest of the Care Bear community might see it. We actually see that kind of attitude as pragmatism instead of negativity.

Plus, who really can stand being sunny constantly? Grumpy Bear has a range of emotions. His character runs deep. When there is trouble in Care Bear paradise, he’s the first one to recognize the issue. And thus, he’s the first one to come up with a solution. His talent with everything mechanical certainly doesn’t hurt with his problem-solving techniques either. So if you want to be the problem solver and pragmatist, channel this Grumpy Bear for your next costumed event. The Grumy Bear Costume available in sizes up to XL. Available at or for $49.99.

Care Bears Adult Classic Share Bear Costume

Care Bears Adult Classic Share Bear Costume

You know how to share and it’s not only about objects and lollipops, there are a billion ways to share and you’ve explored a ton of ’em! When someone is holding a party and they need to amp up the energy, you’re always ready to share your hit playlist. It is a delight, no doubt. Sure, not everyone is into K-pop or polka, but at least you’ve got a great variety, so that’s sure to please someone with every song. Good sharers are always ready to share their time, as well. We’re pretty sure that Share Bear would do a great job working at the Humane Society or Habitat for Humanity or around Care-a-Lot, right where you’d expect her to be.

If there’s never been anything that you weren’t willing to share. You just might be known in your friend group for it. You might want to start planning ahead for it. Order a larger size of fry and just wait. They’re naturally gonna gravitate to a few of those extra ones. Trust Share Bear, one freely donated french fry is a crazy offering of lasting friendship… and it cost you a couple of pennies! Don’t forget that bag of popcorn at the movie theater. You couldn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling any easier than that. Available in sizes up to XL. Can Buy from or for $49.99.

Deluxe Care Bears Cheer Bear Adult Costume

Deluxe Care Bears Cheer Bear Adult Costume

So maybe “cheery” isn’t how your friends would describe you. That’s totally OK! We love cynicism and dark humor, here, and we think however you see the world is just peachy. But, don’t you think it would crack up your crew to arrive the Halloween party dressed as Cheer Bear? Who doesn’t love an ironic costume? Think about it: Halloween is a time to step outside of yourself and embody something new and different. So, if seeing the silver lining isn’t your thing, this costume will totally amuse you and your friends and may even offer a glimpse into the other side of the coin!

And who knows? Maybe this foray into Joyville will subtly affect your mood. Maybe you’ll find yourself whistling on your walk to work. Or accidentally smiling at the barista. Or letting it slip how “#grateful” you are for your costume and life. Maybe this costume is the secret to true joy and happiness, or perhaps you’ve never realized how positively you respond to bright pink. Maybe this costume will change your entire outlook on life…or…maybe not. Either way, you’re going to love the overall effect and fun this outfit offers the occasion! Available in sizes up to XL. Available at or for $69.99.

Care Bears Adult Classic Bed Time Bear Costume

Care Bears Adult Classic Bed Time Bear Costume

nap time!

When it comes to the Care Bears, there’s one particular character that we really connect with. Bedtime Bear! After all, doesn’t a nap sound pretty sweet? After a long day at work… after a delicious and filling meal… sometimes even after a nap. Snuggling up in those blankets is heaven. Of course, the best nap happens after we take care of all the partying! So, when you’re headed to the costume party, make sure you’re decked out in a true 80s classic!

design & details

A licensed original straight from our Team HalloweenCostumes design studios, this cozy jumpsuit is ready for naps and more! This costume features an attached hood and attached mittens. It also comes with shoe covers that secure under the foot with an elastic band, or you can leave them aside and just show off your sneakers. The suit is made of 100% polyester, and the exterior features a super-soft long pile-fur. The tummy section is white fleece with an appliqued moon symbol. The mitts feature appliqued hearts on the palm. And the back side has the Care Bears heart logo right next to the tail! Flip up the hood to reveal Bed Time Bear’s face. The hood feature his eyes, ears, and a nose on top! Available in Sizes up to XL. Available at and for $49.99.

Adult Plus Size Classic Tenderheart Care Bears Costume

Adult Plus Size Classic Tenderheart Care Bears Costume

a bear full of sweetness

“In the brightest day, in the blackest night, I’ll hug ya till you feel all right!”

Sure, the Care Bears didn’t really have such a signature line of heroism as some others, but if you are the type of person that people come to when they need comfort, you totally deserve one!

The question is: what’s your comfort method? Are you a soup and blanket kind of person, listening to a friend tell their woes after they’re properly taken care of nutritionally? Maybe you’re more of an ice-cream and movie kind of comforter. Cuddling with a friend and not hassling them when that cheesy goodbye scene makes them cry. Okay, we’re noting that there are a lot of food terms going on here, but what do you expect from a cuddly bear!?

Whatever your comfort style is, it’s something to be proud of. Maybe putting this need, this impulse on your sleeve isn’t enough. Maybe you should put it on your belly (along with all that food chatter)! Available in Regular Adult Sizes and Plus Size up to 4X. The Plus Size Cost $54.99 and Regular Adult Size $49.99. Available at and

Care Bears Deluxe Bedtime Bear Hoodie Women’s Costume

Care Bears Deluxe Bedtime Bear Hoodie Women's Costume

one way ticket to la-la land

Is there anything better than a good sleep? Wait a second now, we’re not talking about any sleep. All Z’s one might catch are not created equal. We’re talking about embracing the kind of sleep you get when you’re resting on bright white, crisp sheets. The kind that starts after a day of playing hard in the sun and ends with waking up to birds singing outside your window. And you don’t have anything to do that day except make pancakes and listen to music. That’s the kind of sleep that we want  Bedtime Bear to send to us. The thing is, our world is a little more complicated than Care-a-lot and there isn’t always a bear to make us feel satisfyingly sleepy. If you’re craving an all-access pass to Dreamland, become Bedtime Bear for your next costumed event. How else will you get away with napping at a costume party?

product details

Our costume designers worked with Care Bear to create this licensed Bedtime Bear costume for your casual costuming pleasure. The super soft material makes the hoodie comfortable for lounging around at home while the Carebear heart, tail, and embroidered paw and belly badge details make it fun enough to be a hit at your next costume party. The little ears on the hood at sure to top the ensemble off. And hey, if you want to rock the moon leggings once your costumed event is over, we’re sure Bedtime Bear would approve of your cozy yet cute decision! Available at and for $59.99.


Care Bears Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Women’s Costume

Care Bears Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Women's Costume

Your middle name may as well be “generosity.” Ever since you were a wee little thing, you’ve enjoyed watching people’s faces light up when you gift them special items—handwritten cards, fresh-baked muffins, your beloved concert tee, half of your dessert at dinner. Sharing is just in your nature!

So when Halloween rolls around, everyone basically has two choices: they can opt for a costume that shows off their true self, or they can become someone else entirely! And sure, it can be fun to go all alter-ego on All Hallows Eve, but we think we have something more up your alley. This Care Bears Women’s Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Costume is everything you want; it’s cozy, sweet, nostalgic, and it shows off your big, generous heart. Your pals—often the recipients of your many kindnesses—will get a kick out of this cute costume and may even join you as other members of the Care Bear crew! Fun! Available on and for $59.99.

Bright Heart Raccoon Adult Care Bears Costume

Bright Heart Raccoon Adult Care Bears Costume

One might have thought that the Care Bears had everything taken care of.  With their magical belly beams, how could they not successfully save all folks on Earth from the nasty acts of the villains of the world!?  Well, unfortunately, the technological genius of Grumpy Bear isn’t always enough to get the job done.  (He is, after all, a grump.  Who can expect him to get all that work done with such a foul mood all the time!?)

Fortunately, the Care Bear Cousins of the Forest of Feelings are here to help pick up the slack!  And, among all of them, the true genius and insightful curiosity of a certain raccoon is the surefire way to solve all the troubles plaguing Care-A-Lot!  Get ready for the vivid purple planning of the brightest bulb in the caring world with Bright Heart Raccoon!  This little guy’s belly glows with brilliance and chases away the shadow while giving people the clever ideas that would otherwise be right on the tip of their tongues! Available at and for $39.99 and sizes up to XL.


Care Bears Friend Bear Costume for Adults

Care Bears Friend Bear Costume for Adults

We know what you’re thinking.  ‘Wait.  Isn’t that from a different show?‘  But, that’s only true if you just sang those words to a particular tune.  In fact, there was no melody associated with those words at all, so it’s far more likely that it was just a quote that anyone might have uttered to the best friend that anyone could ever have:  Friend Bear.  This adorable buddy from Care-a-Lot is the only one who you know, no matter what, has your back and just gets you!

Among all the normal powers of spreading cheer and love throughout the world, Friend Bear is also exclusively able to understand just about everyone.  Makes one wonder if the bear comes equipped with a universal translator.  How else does Friend Bear naturally understand all the pantomimes that come out of Secret Bear, after all!?  Well, whether she’s got some of Grumpy’s strange tech or is naturally attuned to people, this bear is a truly original wonder.  Available at and for $49.99 sizes up to XL.

Care Bear Accessories You May Like!

Grumpy Bear Adult Care Bears Mascot Mask

growing up grumpy

As youngsters, we didn’t always get Grumpy Bear. Don’t get us wrong, we loved him, but we didn’t fully understand him. The light blue Care Bear seemed to be cranky on the regular, despite having a whole bunch of cheery friends! How could you be grumpy when you’re surrounded by a whole family of Care Bears?

Well, now we get you Grumpy Bear. It took being a grown-up to fully get it, but sometimes, being a little grumpy is just a sign that you care. It shows that you care so much that it makes you feel a bit cantankerous… and you know what? Us adults have to deal with that sort of feeling all of the time. Now that we have a better understanding of him, we’re proud to bring you this Adult Care Bears Grumpy Bear Mascot Mask. Available at and for $39.99.

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