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Alice in Wonderland Costume Theme

Alice in Wonderland Costume Theme
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Need help to find the best Alice in Wonderland costumes! There are many costumes to choose from with Alice in Wonderland theme they include costumes for characters Alice, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, King of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Twiddle Dee, and White Rabbit.

The costumes can be for the entire family, adults, kids, and infants plus accessories to replace misplaced items or torn items from rough wear. These costumes can be worn to any holiday party or event for kids and adults alike.

There are too many to list, you can few more by shopping directly through our shop.

Wonderland Alice Costume for Infants

Wonderland Alice Costume for Infants

Your little one is just beginning their journey. It’s exciting, isn’t it? You never know what sorts of wacky characters she’ll meet and what sorts of silly encounters she might have. Will she have a tea party with the Mad Hatter? Will she chase a cute bunny rabbit down a rabbit hole? Will she meet the Queen of Hearts? Will she shrink down to an itty-bitty size? (Hold on a second, she already is itty-bitty!) But do you know what the best part is? You’ll be right beside her for the whole ride!

Of course, the best way for you to prepare her for any journey, especially one through Wonderland, is with an adorable outfit! This Wonderland Alice Costume for infants turns any baby into the lead character from the iconic storybook.

Maybe You this Infant Alice Costume Better!

Infant Alice Costume

Infant Alice Costume

You love watching your baby sleep. When you see her breathing softly in the comfort of her crib do you sometimes wonder, what is she dreaming about? You’d think that most of her dreams would consist of bottles and binkies, maybe there are a few mobiles thrown in there but the human mind is complicated, who knows what kind of infantile adventures are running through her mind.
We all know by now that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland took place in Alice’s mind while peacefully napping under a tree after a summer day of drinking tea with Britain’s high society. Even for a dream, Alice went through a lot. Her many transformations from big to small to big again brought her through some existential changes that didn’t necessarily go away when she woke up again. While we don’t all learn to fight the ever-present aristocratic house of cards when we’re taking a snooze, most of us have had those dreams that stay with us when we wake up, changing us with or without us realizing it. Your baby girl probably isn’t to that level yet but you can set her up for some pretty inspired dreams in this gorgeous exclusive Alice costume.
She’ll look sweet in the bright and clean dress with its crisp pinafore and peter pan collar. Top it all off with this soft black bow and she’ll look just like the classic Alice character. Now it’ll be a little easier to guess what’s running through your infant’s dreaming mind!

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Toddler Alice Costume

Toddler Alice Costume

Who is ready for a tea party? Alice is! Did you invite the Mad Hatter? We hope that you did because you know just how crazy he can become when he doesn’t get his tea at the proper time! But, let’s be real, we all know who the real star of this show is: Alice. She always knows how to make an entrance at any party and her inquisitive nature makes her the girl everyone wants to talk to at any gathering. From the Mad Hatter to the White Rabbit and the March Hare, Alice will always be the one everyone is talking about after the party is over. And that makes her the guest of honor at all of the parties to follow! Needless to say, she’s the center of attention even if the Queen of Hearts herself happens to make an appearance.

Toddler Supreme Alice Costume

Toddler Supreme Alice Costume

Wonderland is a really confusing place the first time you might travel through it. Even for the fully grown, the backward world does a pretty fine job of disrupting anything that you thought you knew about where you came from. It quickly transforms any would-be traveler into a bit of a precocious child, in fact.

Of course, that isn’t always the worst thing in the world, especially if that is how you already started. Just imagine the denizens that you’re likely to run into! There are the Red Queens, full of passion and a hint of jealousy, ready to love those who love them but just as quick to yell and even command servants, “Off with their heads!” if things don’t go their way! White Queens, on the other hand, are a rare kind of person… able to stand up and aid in bringing a sense of regal sophistication to those lands beyond the Looking Glass. And, it is near legacy that any young lass who is going to travel their way into Wonderland may ultimately travel across that bright chessboard to become a queen themselves. What kind of queen might you have become?

Well, even if you cannot answer that question for yourself, it will be well worth letting your little one take the jaunt down the chessboard of Wonderland. You can find out precisely what sort of lass you’ve got with this Toddler Supreme Alice costume. The lovely dress has a back zipper and short puffed sleeves that become the clear definition of adorable. The lace apron fastens to the dress to offer the depiction of innocence while the black satin hair bow attached to the plastic headband certainly defines precociousness. In no time, your darling will be hosting tea parties and, hopefully, holding court as the Queen of Diamonds instead of Hearts!

Elite Alice Women’s Costume

Elite Alice Women's Costume

Life’s a trip, right? Especially when you fall down a rabbit hole. You never know what you might find under the ground. Maybe it’ll be a world in which you’re much too small or maybe you’ll find yourself in a situation where you are much too large. Either way, all you know is that there’s no way to know what’s going to happen next.

The world of Wonderland is a topsy-turvy place, sometimes literally. Maybe you’ll play croquet with some hedgehogs. No, the hedgehogs aren’t holding the mallets! How would they do that with their tiny little paws? Actually, that’s a pretty adorable image and if you want to, imagine that instead of the sad image of a curled up little guy bracing himself for the mallet. There are other things to see of course, other than hedgehogs. There are babies that turn into pigs. There are rabbits running late and rabbits that always think it’s time for tea. Everywhere you look you’ll see animals that are ready to teach you a lesson that leaves you unsure of what you’ve even learned. And when you meet the royalty, you’ll be ready to call the queen, king, and courtiers exactly what they are: nothing but a pack of cards.

The blue dress with its full skirt has the dreamlike quality that a trip to Wonderland calls for. Whether you’re looking for an Alice costume for your tea party event or you landed the part of Alice in a play, you’ll love the pretty details with ruffled eyelet along the hem of the skirt and around the elegant pinafore. Hey, whether you end up too small or too big, at least you’ll look just as dreamy as when you started.

Sassy Alice Costume

The last several years have reported more and more attendance at the Mad Tea Parties in Wonderland and an even greater frequency of trouble taking place at the Royal croquet matches. The thing that is important to know about Wonderland is that the more isn’t necessarily the merrier. They’re all nuts! Two crazy people in a room make for an amusing series of mischief that is entertaining to watch. Three assures that you’ll get pulled into it once or twice and have an even better story when you get home. But… four? That is when things start breaking and precious heirlooms go missing. Five? That’s a mob. A mob of crazy people. And, nothing good ever came of a mob!

Now, we’ve tried to tell the Wonderland crew to tone it down. “Think of the impression you’re making on your kids!” we cry, but that only gave them the idea to start having kids. Nutty kids. They can literally climb the walls. You cannot take anything with a grain of salt, here. (The salt can make you shrink! Did you know that!?)

The point of this warning is that when you are heading into Wonderland, you need some attitude to deal with those folks! Of course, you’ll do fine with this Sassy Alice costume. The pale blue dress has short puffed sleeves and a bright blue bow on each side and the apron has attractive ruffled shoulder straps anchored with contrasting black buttons. The black headband with blue bow adds to the deceivingly cute and innocent look, but this getup is not for the faint-hearted. This Alice means business! And, boy does Wonderland need her!

Child Sassy Wonderland Cat Costume

Child Sassy Wonderland Cat Costume

We know. We know. Some days you look around your house–the pancake batter splattered on the stove, the piles of dress-up clothes, the collections of art projects, the mounds of laundry, the pillow forts–and think, Most everyone’s mad here. We heard a very cool cat say that, once, too!

So you know what they say, don’t you? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Or…at least get your kiddo a costume that lets her cut loose as her favorite mad Wonderland character, the Cheshire Cat. Rather than disappearing into the basement to “play” (read: take out every single barbie item and dump it on the floor), your gal will want to stay where everyone can see her in this sassy-meets-sweet storybook costume. Dressed as the cheeky cat who’s sometimes up to no good, your little lady will feel quite at home to be her mischievous self. And if not on Halloween, then when? Of course, the Cheshire Cat is also, at times, quite helpful, so whatever persona your kitten chooses, she’s sure to be adorable in this Child Sassy Wonderland Cat Costume, as it’s one that deftly melds classic storybook characterization and up-to-the-minute style.

One thing is for sure, once she slips on this purple and pink striped jersey dress and the matching shrug, wristlets, and knee-high socks, she will be sporting a grin that does not fade. So let her slip on the kitty ears of this costume and work on her biggest grin because for tonight your house is Wonderland and she’s the master of mystique! And there’s nothing the Cheshire Cat loves more than a good pillow fort!

Adult Deluxe Cheshire Cat Costume

Adult Deluxe Cheshire Cat Costume

Cats are awesome. We can watch hours upon hours of YouTube videos of them doing crazy things. Like jumping up to a counter only to slip off it. Getting scared by a cucumber placed silently behind them. And we really love it when they are making friends with other animals.

But of all the cats in the world, the Cheshire Cat is the best. He is such a weird cat. He clearly knows all the secrets of Wonderland, but for some reason is reluctant to let Alice in on them. Choosing instead to let her figure things out on her own. Only showing up to help when things get really bad, and his help is more like advice. But he is memorable. Especially with that smile.

This year you can be the awesome cat with this Adult Deluxe Cheshire Cat Costume. You can give people vague, and mysterious advice as they enter your town. Or you can try to jump onto a counter. We are sure if you upload that on YouTube it will be even more popular than the funniest cat videos. Or you could just go to your costume party, and tell everyone how “we’re all mad here”. If you do that though, you should probably figure out how to do the Cheshire Cat’s disappearing act. And if there is a woman who claims to be the Queen of Hearts, make like a tree, and leaf. She is one crazy lady.

Infant Cheshire Cat Costume

Infant Cheshire Cat Costume

Thinking about turning your child into the infamous trickster from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland? Well, there are a few requirements you need to know about before you can dress your child up as the Cheshire Cat.

First of all, your little one needs to be one tricky little devil! The Cheshire Cat is the kind of kitty who never knows when to quit with his little tricks, so if your child is planning on becoming the fancy feline friend, he’d better have a few tricks. Second, your child better is fond of purple and pink, since no cat worth his fur would think of setting his paws outside without those flashy colors. Third, your child better talks in confusing riddles that confuse and confound. After all, the Cheshire Cat is full of unintelligible chatter during his meeting with Alice! Finally, your child needs the ability to wear a big grin on his face as he wears this adorable outfit. That’s the most important part!

Based on the character from the classic piece of literature, this infant Cheshire Cat costume comes with everything that your child will need to steal the scene. It has a purple and pink striped jumpsuit made out of ultra-soft fleece material. The attached hood has two tiny little cat ears attached to it. As long as your little cutie keeps grinning, he’ll be the perfect little resident of Wonderland. Of course, you might want to check out some of our adult Alice in Wonderland costumes so you can match your new little riddle master!

Deluxe King of Hearts Costume

Deluxe King of Hearts Costume

Look, you’re not the first person who started dating someone, fell in love with them, and then realized that they had a passion for beheading people, alright? We know that, sometimes, life with your Queen can feel a little lonely – literally, since she insists on beheading practically every person the two of you come into contact with – but at the very least, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re the only one who knows how to calm her down when all she’s seeing is red (as in, the blood of all of your subjects). That’s something, right?!

And when the going gets tough and the heads get rolling, we’d like to encourage you to just take a moment to remember why you fell in love with her in the first place. We’re willing to bet that one of the reasons why you were so attracted to her was because of her passion. It’s a totally natural thing! Especially when you, yourself, are so moderate and even-tempered, it’s completely understandable that you’d be drawn to someone who shows such a fiery display of self-possession. And of course, you couldn’t have foreseen that all of that was just a preview of her murderous tendencies! We all try to pretend we’re perfect at the beginning of a relationship, only to later find out that our significant other was covering up a love of Nickelback, or a poor credit score – or, in the case of your Queen – a delight in taking other people’s lives. Again…don’t blame yourself! This is just the rabbit hole you tumbled down into!

So make the best of it by donning this Deluxe King of Hearts Costume when you’re representing the moderate, non-murderous part of the Wonderland government! The exclusive ensemble includes a tunic edged with metallic gold piping, a crushed velvet coat with white faux fur and puffed sleeves, a white satin sash, and even a crown for a truly regal look. Wear your own favorite black pants and shoes to complete the majestic outfit. Like you to your queen, this costume is the perfect complement to our deluxe Queen of Hearts costume. After all, who needs couples counseling or psychiatric therapy when the two of you look this good?!

King of Hearts Costume for Kids

King of Hearts Costume for Kids

The King of Hearts has a ton of responsibilities. He rules over all the playing card people of Wonderland. He’s in charge of pardoning people that the Queen of Hearts has unjustly convicted. He’s also in charge of keeping those wily characters like the Mad Hatter and the March Hare under control! We also hear he plays a pretty mean game of croquet, using a flamingo as a mallet (Wonderland traditions are weird). It’s definitely a tough job and requires someone who has a head that’s strong enough to wear that crown!

Think your child has what it takes to rule Wonderland? Does he have some sweet secret croquet skills? Well, now’s your child’s chance to rule Wonderland with this King of Hearts Costume!

Pretty Mad Hatter Girls Costume

Pretty Mad Hatter Girls Costume

You never know what might happen in Wonderland. It’s obvious that it’s going to be an adventure when you enter a whole new world through a rabbit hole. Sure, we see plenty of this world through the eyes of the precocious and adventurous Alice we have to wonder what parts of Wonderland she didn’t see.

Take the Mad Hatter, for instance, sure, the Hatter spends plenty of time having tea but how much Earl Grey can anyone truly handle? We like to think that the Mad Hatter has an undiscovered more elegant side, cause when you have a lot of top hats you have to use them for something fancy, right? So we imagine that the Hatter would add plenty of interesting conversation to an uptight ball held by the Queen of hearts. Better yet, we like to imagine that the Hatter would come up with some pretty groundbreaking dances. Move over boring old waltz, here comes the teacup shuffle!

Now, your daughter can show off the long lost prettier side of the Mad Hatter in this gorgeous French-inspired ensemble. The modern and sophisticated look has a ruffled white shirt that is tucked into a high-waisted blue short with a slight sheen and dainty flowers. The costume has plenty of flair with a pink jacket with tails, a gold chain, and ruffled bell sleeves. The costume is polished off with a colorful bow tie and a beautiful flowered top hat with an over-sized pink bow, a hat that any Hatter could be proud of.

Pretty Mad Hatter Women’s Costume

Pretty Mad Hatter Women's Costume

Okay, we think it’s about time we spill the tea about the new and improved Mad Hatter…

Well, everyone remembers what The Mad Hatter use to look like, right? The Hatter had a kooky sense of style and was a little ruff around the edges. The orange hair and bright green eyes made for a startling combination, while the questionable choice of the attire could easily be considered an eyesore. Well, those days are long gone. The curious characters of Wonderland came together and decided to give the Mad Hatter a much-needed makeover; the result couldn’t be any more astonishing. Instead of wearing those drab colors and sporting a frumpy spool sash, Hatter now looks like a high fashion model who just got done walking the catwalks in Milan! We take off our large-top hats and salute the new polished look.

If you want to look like the upgraded Mad Hatter who belongs on the cover of a magazine instead of reciting nonsensical poetry at a tea party, then this is the costume for you. This pretty Mad Hatter costume for women definitely lives up to its title. You’ll look dainty and feminine in the pink tailcoat with lush bell sleeves and golden chain fastener. The shorts feature a trendy high waist and a cute pastel floral print. The ruffled white shirt, striped bow tie, and the flower-patterned hat add the finishing touches on this whimsy Wonderland inspired ensemble. Complete the romantic look by adding white tights and a pair of white high heels. Who’s the best-dressed character in Wonderland now, Alice? Hmm?

Raving Mad Hatter Women’s Costume

Raving Mad Hatter Women's Costume

Wonderland is a brand new scene. Alice’s waking life was set securely in the Victorian era with lace chocked corsets, perfect curls, and spotless gloves. But just a few bunnies hops away, the scene down the rabbit hole was getting wild. Nothing is boring in this underworld.  Those buttoned-up Victorian morals? They simply don’t apply. The world is full of vibrant talking flowers, magical cookies that will change your size, and power enraged queens, they don’t have time for salad forks and fainting couches. And the fashion-forward leader of this kaleidoscopic kingdom? The Mad Hatter! The Mad Hatter has a crazy look with checkers, hearts, and vibrant colors. This is someone who knows how to rock a mad look. She’s shaking things up in this underground dreamworld. When you’re dressed in this Mad Hatter costume any party you hold will be a tea party that no one is ever going to forget.

Men’s Classic Mad Hatter Costume

Men's Classic Mad Hatter Costume

There is an old legend of a mystical hat that bestowed upon any who placed it upon their head a set of unusual powers. You’ve no doubt heard of it. Perhaps not by name because, in fact, we’re not even sure that it has a single name! That’s pretty much true of anything legit legendary. One place hears about Excalibur. Another place talks about Caladbolg, the Singing Sword, the Sword in the Stone… Caledfwlch?

So, when we put this magic hat on the head of a snowman, it jumps up, dances around, and learns how to sing. We’re pretty good with that! But, who could have ever expected what happened when someone in the office put it on their head!? They went just a little wonky. Rather full of wonder. Just a little… mad? Before we knew it, there were tea parties and talks of March Hares and White Rabbits. What the heck is with this thing!?

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